About Us


 Alexander is a member of Team Light, here to aid and assist in the ascension of this planet. It is his utmost pleasure to be able to assist you in your individual ascension process by being of service with his wide array of specialties. Rest assured that he is working diligently everyday as he continues learning mystical information to help his fellow divine spiritual light workers. 


 He was trained by the late Master Constance Oulette from Bristol, Rhode Island who initiated him as a 6th generation Reiki Master. She also taught him advanced Tarot, Sacred Numerology, Astrology, Magick, and many other spiritual techniques which have helped him grow in to the being of service that he is today.


For more information on Team Light and all of its members feel free to click the link below! We are so blessed to be broadcasting from Sedona Arizona and are all eagerly awaiting heaven on Earth!

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